What's the Unexpected Solution to the Disease of Bad Content? The Answer is Not What You Expect it to Be

So, you recruited a "content writer" who puts in the work the best they can. They created copy for your website, blog, and newsletters, but without an editor they are a fish out of water. 

"I have a lot of content on my website that I'm not pleased with."

"I invested on a blog in my landing page, and the results weren't good at all."

"I work so hard to create presentation briefs for my writers, but they still do not deliver what I need."

You probably relate to these quotes. Whether you are working for a significant publication or a small company, average content seems to be a problem we can't eliminate.

Hiring an in-house "content writer" is not enough. A lot of companies just ask one of the employees to "go over the texts." The result, in many cases, is unsatisfactory.

The solution you are looking for is a good editor. But what exactly is an editor, and what are they supposed to do?

A good editor can take any average piece of content and kneed it like dough into something super exciting and new. They are the magicians behind the articles that make a real impact in media.

I served as an editor with major media outlets (including Yedioth Ahronoth and Maariv). First hand, I can tell you that the decision-maker in the press office is no one other than the editors. They know the ins and outs of what your audience is expecting and exactly how it needs to look on paper.

There are a lot of secrets behind the art, and for years I kept my cards close. I want to reveal to you the secrets behind keeping the eyes on reading and the readers.

You can recognize when it's done right when the communication between the editor and the reporter is solid. The editor comes up with the idea for the story, the reporter creates the content around it and brings it back to the editor, who then makes the final finishes that make a difference.

We at Publishers have formed a content agency made up of former senior media editors. We have recently launched a new service that brings professional editing to every company.

Hourly Editing Services

We offer our customers simple: Pick from one of our hourly packages and get a journalistic editing service that's unmatched. All of our employees are former media specialists from the most prominent publications in Israel. Amongst them is Mako, Walla, Yediot Ahronot. We handled editing for some of the biggest content campaigns in the country. We want to give you the same service quality we were expected to deliver when we work on your organic content.

So what can our editors do for you? Everything you don't have time for and more!

For Instance, We will provide the professional editor's touch to your company's blogs, websites, marketing content, presentations, and everything in between. Our editing teams have broad experience, do it all, do it fast, and do it right.

We also provide consultation.

The Publishares hourly service package includes consultation. So, whether you have a solid in-house marketing team, just need an extra set of eyes on your content, or new to creating content and want a master plan for your campaign, we are here to make it happen.

What languages do we work in?

Our editing services are both in English and Hebrew.

If you would like to get a free consultation from one of our editors, Contact us!

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