Lowes: Creating A Renovation Audience and Making It Look Easy

The Customer: Lowes is one of the top two biggest DIY companies in the United States.

The Mission: Expand the marketing activities of the company beyond regular advertising. Reach a new and targeted audience of families looking to renovate their homes on their own, and provide those families with a low-budget do-it-yourself solution to their renovation.

The Solution: Lowes have set up a blog called "Creative Ideas," which is dedicated to fun and home-inspired ideas. It can be done at a cost that most people can afford. In the blog you can find articles such as "ideas for a makeover in the bathroom", "what colors are right for your kitchen," and "this is how you will build a picnic table for children".

The magazine is also accompanied by a popular YouTube channel with lots of cute "How to" videos as well as a series called "The Weekenders" that show Lowes experts help other families renovate their homes within a few days. The series was an insane success and boasted hundreds of thousands of views in each episode.

What's in it forLowes? מכל זה?

  1. A brand new channel in a growing marketing demographic. 
    Super-relevant audiences some of whom would not have reached them otherwise. Internet surfers come to Lowes' who come to the lowes landing page. Lowes can then target them later in a Remarketing campaign and convert them to customers at a higher percentage than any other campaign.
  2. Stabilizing the network as the number one expert in upgrading the home on an equal budget for each person. Surfers get to know the network's products, and the next time they think of remodeling - chances are they will turn to Lowes.
  3. Crazy SEO Improvement: People looking for "home remodeling" and related words will reach equal content pages and the chances of clicking on them are significantly greater than when they click on search ads.

In Israel, it would have worked too. Great for chains like Home Center, Ace, and IKEA - Could reach much more relevant Israeli audiences that are interested in renovations.
Creative Ideas for the Magazine

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