Want to Make Successful RTM Content

This tool will help you respond quickly to discourse on social media. Connect it to your brand, ​​and generate positive exposure for new customers.

Real-Time Marketing (RTM) is a particularly effective tool. Using it properly leads to great exposure with minimal investment. Fortunately, every day, quite a few opportunities for that exposure to fruit. Hundreds of new stories come up every day, and some are gaining a foothold in the media. Viral stories usually spawn from headlines that ride the waves of hot button issues, that touch on life itself and evoke emotion. They have the highest chance of staying in consciousness and influencing online users.

Once a story begins to gain momentum, it quickly reaches critical mass on social media. Opinion leaders, large groups, and media giants like Buzz Feed or The New York Times start sharing it. Then the hourglass flips. Now the question is how long the story will remain in our minds until it fades and is replaced by a new story. There is no exact formula for knowing what the life expectancy of a successful story is. A good meme can last a few days (and in even rarer cases, weeks, months, or years.) In most cases, the desired response time to a hot story is 12-18 hours on the social networks at the meme or post level. At the content level, the impression level is a bit different.

Telling the Story

Once a story begins to gain momentum, brands can join the public discourse around it naturally through “complementary content”: articles, play-based questionnaires, videos, infographics, and more. Any content item that relies on the original report and upgrades it with additional information on behalf of the brand - is your way to join the conversation and be relevant.

If the marketing in your content isn't noticed, your credibility grows and assimilates into naturally informative sequences. The content can be based on an interpretive article, a professional extension about the expected meanings, or a repackaging of the information so that it is clearer. Complementary brand content is not a duplication of news reporting, but an extension of it within a relevant content world. Content options are limited only by the imagination and the time it takes to produce it.

Come Into My World of Marketing

Let's take for example landing pages built especially for supermarkets to be able to market their product in an engaging and fun way. These websites engage the user in easy one click manners and easily incorporate even based content on the site to keep the viewer on page.

Readers love health trends for instance. A supermarket website can optimize user information collected on the type of engagement they get from their user and apply that to articles that focus on healthy foods if health food is the most popular subject on their site. Brands can also surf the web on their own and try to apply obvious trends to their content. Whether it is a local trend like a race across Tel Aviv or a restaurant event during the Eurovision song contest. Articles can come out of anywhere.

This connection is also true for other areas, where the content sites of the big brands are currently ignoring the potential that content can bring them. Fashion chain sites, such as Fox's new TerminalX or the Golf Group website, can generate a conversation with surfers who were not interested in purchasing - just by talking about preferred types of fabrics at the start of a season, clothing recommended for winter vacations, or ski vacations, or a scientific article About how our clothes retain body heat.

Good and relevant content in real-time puts more surfers into the marketing funnel on the site, allowing them to be colored and interested in more content at a later stage. If a customer found themself hanging out on your site because they were interested in what you had to say, they are much more likely to find your new scarf even before you offered it to them.

How do You do it Right?

Be On Time: The most important part of RTM is striking while the iron is hot. If you are on time to talk about a trendy subject, make sure you know what you want to say and that what you want to say is interesting. if it's not it's better you say nothing at all.

Work Fast: If you want to consider yourself a well-rounded media company, then make sure you have a solid marketing manager who has their finger on the trigger. They always update on new trends in the market and are able to turn those trends into full-fledged content within 24-48 hours.

Plan Ahead: Planning ahead means being organized. It's best to recognize where your strengths in knowledge are in the content your creating and stay ahead of the curb. Have your drafts of future projects ready. Brief your team on creatives that don't need to exist yet. Have an arsenal of content ready for anything that can happen in the future. Build the best content think tank that you can.

Be Accurate Did you create great content? It's time to give it the boost that will bring it to as many users as possible. Every content item is suitable for a promotional tool - whether Tabula, Outbrain, or social networks - and the choice of format is important to bring it to the people you want them to read. Choose the battlefield and adjust the maximum resources to it.

Duplicate and expand: Can the text you write fit both the infographic and the T5 video? You have three content items for the price of one. Make sure you split them properly on the appropriate platforms and promote each one on a budget that will allow it to increase your exposure.

Only Speak for Yourself: An RTM event that touches on your brand values ​​is an opportunity to strengthen them and meet new audiences through them. Do not use it to shove products down their throats, take advantage of this moment to produce clean exposure to relevant information.

Maintain credibility: RTM modes peak the tension between two important values ​​in the content world - speed versus reliability. Our natural ambition is to get the content item out as quickly as possible. We don't want to wait. We would rather skip approval from our client. On the other hand, incorrect information can hurt a brand very much. The solution is to choose the highest quality and most secure content available in a reasonable time limit and work with it only. Win with what you have.

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